Our whole life, we grew up with this double vision”

Born in 1986 in Istanbul, Raisa & Vanessa Sason had fashion in their DNA. They started designing at the age of 15 knowing it was inevitable to turn their talent into a profession.

Following their graduation from high school, Raisa &Vanessa studied Theatre and Costume design at the prestigious London College of Fashion. Their background knowledge and relevance to theatre costumes can be still seen in every collection of Raisa & Vanessa.

Creativity lies deep within Raisa & Vanessa’s minds. Next to revealing the imagination and tailoring in each collection the girls also push the limits in all forms of communication. The fashion shows, brand-book, body language, look books and videos – and every other single part of Raisa & Vanessa’s world is designed to amaze the spectator.

Their signature style includes maximalist, strong, dimensional yet sexy designs which accentuates the power of women. Raisa & Vanessa garnered a great deal of attention from local communities, media and international celebrities.

Raisa & Vanessa have been designing Pret-a-Porter and Haute Couture Collections.
The fashionista sisters’ clothing line, debuted at Istanbul Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
They’ve been since that time in the most luxury multi-brand boutiques and department stores worldwide.

Today, Raisa & Vanessa’s designs are well known among celebrities and elites worldwide.
Raisa & Vanessa keep working to create life-enhancing designs which have a strong effect on self-confidence, which, Raisa & Vanessa believe, does make the woman.

Both sisters are members of the Turkish Designers Association and one of their biggest mission is to stand for the Turkish fashion industry worldwide.

“Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds us that we have one”

With love, 

Raisa & Vanessa